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Would you like to activate your ancestry dna kit. So, we have given simple steps in the below method you can use them and get your ancestors information as soon as possible. But before you will create an account you must follow the below mentioned aspects first. So let’s get started.

Follow Simple Steps Before You Activate

Before you are going to get you must make sure to proceed after the below mentioned instructions only. If you have already done these steps you can proceed with the activation procedure. So let us discuss now.

  1. The basic meaning to activating a DNA kit is properly connecting your kit to your/their personal ancestry account. If you do not own an ancestry dna account, then you have to create a new one from free account.
  2. Make sure to have your activation code until you will be received your ancestry dna results. Because we can not begin our further steps to processing your DNA sample until your kit has been activated.
  3. There are separate steps when you want to know how to activate ancestry dna kit for a minor child, you can see our article on ancestry dna for child.
  4. Each adult (who has above or equal to 18 years old) who wants to take their test they should activate it by using their own ancestry account. There are some exception of tests for a minor child, only a single account might be activated on one account. When you would like to invite another adult to activate their kit, you must follow the legal steps which we have provided for ancestry dna activate kit for someone else.
  5. The main aspect here is to have an email address to create an ancestry account. However if you do not have an email address or else if your current email address has already been associated with another ancestry account, at that time you must have to create a new email.

These are the main steps to follow before you go to After you’ve done with these steps you need to proceed with the below mentioned steps.

How Do I Activate My Ancestry DNA Kit ?

There are few more steps to follow in order to activate your ancestry dna kit. You can check the steps below (for more understanding purposes we have provided all the relevant images).

1). First of all go to “” and then click on “Sign in” option

2). Now you have come to “ login screen” there you have to enter your “Username or Email” and “Password” then hit on “Sign In”. login screen

3). If you have completed ancestry dna login procedure, you have to select “Yes” option, but still if you’re not logged in with your ancestry login details you have to select “No” option. After that you must sign in to activate your dna kit successfully. After that hit on “Next”.

Ancestry sign in

4). Now its time to “enter your activation code” after that hit on “Next“. You can find your activation code from your tube and also from your instruction packet. Make sure to not enter the hyphens. (For an instance “AncestryDNA com activate code is h6z-2b5d-4a7f-3p7e” now remove the hyphens and enter without hyphens like “h6z2b5d4a7f3p7e”).

activate your dna kit

5). In this step you have to be careful: if you would like to activate a kit “for yourself”, then “select your name” and then hit on “Next”. But if you would like to activate a kit for a minor then hit on “My Child” option and proceed with how to activate ancestry dna kit for child tutorial. When you want to activate an ancestry kit for some other adult then you must select “Someone else” and then proceed with these directions.

Select an option for whom

6). After that you have to enter your “Birth Year” and “assigned sex at birth”. Then click on “Next”.

Select ancestry birth year

7). In this step you have to select “Review and Consent” option after you read DNA Processing Consent. Then select “Next”. But if you would like to decline to give your consent you will unable to activate your kit.

8). When you want to store your saliva sample with the ancestry, then you have to click on “I give consent”. When you do not want it to store you should click on “I do not give consent”. Finally click on “Next”.

Ancestry sample storage

9). Now you have to read about the “Informed Consent” and after that you have to chose “I have read the Informed Consent”. If you do this your participation or non-participation has no effect upon your results. Now you can select either “I can give consent or “i do not give consent”. After that click on “Next”.

10). When you would like to see all of your DNA matches and also would you be listed as a match then you have to click on “Yes”, or you can select “No” for not seeing or be seen by your matches. After that you have to select “Next” option. Basically, here the DNA matches means specific peoples those who are related to you. When you do not want to be appeared to biological family, then select option “No”. When you want to find by your biological family and also find your biological family then click on “Yes”. This option can be changed at any time.

Ancestry DNA Matches

11). Would you like your DNA matches to see your name then click on your “Name”. When if you want your DNA matches to see your username and then hit on “Username”. After that hit on “Next”. Suppose, you do not wish to be listed as a DNA match, then you won’t see this option. But whenever you do allow the others to view all of your ethnicity, geographic and also the cultural origins, so they are able to see your ethnicity estimate.

12). When you would like to your DNA matches to see all of the regions and also the communities within your ethnicity estimate then you must need to chose the top option. However if you would want your DNA matches to be seen only the regions and also the communities that you have in common, then chose the bottom option. Finally hit on “Next”. But if you have selected not to be listed as a DNA match, then you won’t see this option.

Ethinicity estimate display

13). Next you will come to the kit notification section, here you have to click on “Yes” to receive any text updates regarding of status of your kit or “No” if you would not like to get them. When you click “Yes” you must enter your phone number in the particular field and then hit on “Next”.

Ancestry kit notifications

14). When you would like to get all weekly emails about the updated information and also about relatives based on your DNA results, you have to select “Yes”. Also to opt out of update emails, click No. After that Click on Next.

ancestry weekly emails

15). Now you will see the review section, in that section you need to take a review the information that you’ve entered and then hit on “Submit and activate”.

16). Now you can check out the status of your DNA kit at anytime by simply click on DNA tab which is available at the top of any page on the screen and also selecting Your DNA Results Summary.

What To Do After the Above Procedure

If you have not done with the above procedure or something went wrong then you have to collect your saliva sample and then send it in. Whenever the laboratory will begin processing of your sample; and you will get the notification to your registered email address which contains total information about your saliva sample procedure. Actually, this email would be sent by the officials up to five weeks after mailing your sample.

So that you can expect your ancestry dna results almost within 8 weeks of the date from the laboratory receives your sample.

Ancestry Phone Number

If you’ve any issue in order to activate your ancestry dna app or any other issues then you can easily resolve them by using the phone number so they’re mentioned below.

you can contact to “1-800-615-6560” or “1-800-401-3193″ or “00 1 801-494-8595” but make sure you should contact in its support hours (9am – 11pm ET Every day) 24×7.

If they put you in hold for any information you’ve to wait up to 13 minutes only this is the average wait time. The language ancestry supporters can speak and like to hear in English. We recommend you dial to this toll free number at 9:00 am. this is the best time.

There are some timings to contact ancestry via phone you can check the details at telephone number.


  • Lost Activation Code: Actually, in your DNA kit you will get a tube and on that tube you will get a 15 digit code and also on the instructions packet. But unfortunately, if you’ve lost your code permanently then you can not activate your kit. At that time you should need to request for an ancestry replacement kit
  • Activation Code Does Not Work: Normally, your code consists 15 digit characters but if it is not then you need to check out that what company your DNA test has given/come from. Basically, the activation codes have some alternating letters and even numbers too; Sometimes you might enter either three letter or three numbers in a specified row, so check the middle character. For an instance you might’ve entered as the letter “S” instead of number “5”.
  • Blue Solution Does not Release Into The Container: To resolve this troubleshoot you need to remove cap and then twist it on tightly. You need to repeat this until the release of blue solution.
  • Lost Plastic Bag: You need to place the tube in the Ziploc bag and then place the bag into the return box.
  • Contact Ancestry: You can contact ancestry via mail, chat and phone (1-800-401-3193″ or “00 1 801-494-8595)

If you have any queries about you can visit our official forum queries section there you can find all the answers to many of your queries (FAQ’s), so check this post now.

Do you live in Australia, ancestry is giving best and usful opportunities for this country peoples you can activate your kit and get the benefits of it via this link.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

1 Q: How do i activate my ancestry DNA Kit?

A: You just need to go to “” > you will go to the login screen and then follow the above mentioned procedure. You can easily activate your ancestry DNA!

2 Q: Can i brush my teeth before ancestry DNA Test?

A: Of course you can brush your teeth and you can do mouth wash. These are do’s but there don’t’s also there such as you should not eat, drink, smoke and even chew gum or the tobacco up to 30 minutes before providing your saliva sample and after brushing your teeth.

3 Q: can you activate more than one dna kit on ancestry?

A: Only one kit can be activated for each account. But if you need to activate a kit for someone else then you need to click on someone else and then have the other person sign in for activating their ancestry health kit on behalf of their account by using their login details.

4 Q: How Do I Get My Ancestry DNA Results?

A: Simply Hit on the “DNA Tab” and then chose your “DNA Results Summary” Here you can see the “Current Status” If you need full guidance about how long does it take to get ancestry dna results then proceed with that link now.

5 Q: How Much Does Ancestry DNA Cost ?

A: In US it is just 99$ and shipping costs and also the applicable taxes are different. Actually, the ancestrydna testing cost normally includes a DNA test kit and also the lab processing fee.

6 Q: How To Activate My ancestry dna kit for my child?

A: If your child a minor at that time you can not create account on him/her. But we have a remedy for it you can follow our article on ancestry dna for child.

7 Q: Do You Need An Ancestry Account For DNA Test?

A: Obviously, to take ancestry dna test you must have an ancestry account. If you do not have it then create it for free by this link.

8 Q: Can You Activate 2 DNA Kit On Ancestry?

A: No you can not activate 2nd DNA kit on ancestry for yourself. But you can invite someone else to activate your second ancestry dna test. You can check how to guide from this link.

9 Q: How To Activate Account?

A: The procedure for united kingdom as similar as we mentioned above steps, but there are some small changes you have to follow, for more details you can check this link.

10 Q: How To Activate

A: Would you like to activate your canada ancestry account then follow this url.

11 Q: Will Ancestry DNA find all of your cousins?

A: No! But unless all of your cousins have also been tested with ancestry DNA.

12 Q: Will Ancestry DNA find other relatives who test with the other companies?

A: No! The ancestry DNA can only examine any people those who provided their saliva sample willfully to ancestry for testing.