Before activating the kit of Ancestry uk we need to some important aspects about it. Actually, activating a DNA kit itself means simply connecting your kit to your ancestry account. If you do not know how to create an account or login to your personal account then you can check the below steps.

Make sure keep your DNA activation 15 digit code with you in a safe and secure place if you lost this code we unable to start processing a DNA sample unless the kit has activated.

Every adult should have their own account then they can easily take the test. Each adult can activate only one account on their free account but there is some exception on their minor children. But one can invite another adult by following few instructions.

Would you like to have an ancestry dna activate kit for someone else then follow this article.

Before you do create your ancestry account you need to have a valid email Ancestry co uk account, if you do not have yet then you can create a new one from anyone of different providers such as google, yahoo,….etc

How To Login To Ancestry DNA Activate UK

After getting the DNA Activation code you need to login to your Ancestry account if you do not have any membership yet you can sign up now by using the below step by step procedure. You can also read our post about how to get a free ancestry account.

1. First of all visit “”

2. Now press “DNA Tab” from your ancestry page.

3. If you already have an account then hit on “Sign In” option.

4. If you’re in the right account after entering your login details “Username” and “Password” then hit on Continue as (Name). But when it is not your account then make sure hit on Not [Name]? Sign in to activate your DNA kit. Then your all DNA results will appear in that account in which you activate your kit.

5. If you’re new to this and do not have an account then hit on “Create a free account now” after that enter the following details (But only one account can be activated for each adult one, for minor children kits by parents or by legal guardian’s account can be activated)

6. Now you need to enter the “15 Digit activation Code” and then hit on “Next” (This code is available on your tube)

7. So, to activate a DNA test uk kit for yourself, simply “click on the name” and then “click on next”. But for activating a kit about your child who is minor then you need to chose “My Child” option.

8. Then you need to fill up “About Your Page” in that page you need to enter as we mentioned below.

  • In “Birth Year Box” enter your “Accurate Birth Year”
  • In “Sex” you need to enter “Male” or “Female”
  • Give a “Tick Mark in First Checkbox” and then proceed with your “Mobile Number” then you will get the notifications and any type of updates regarding to your DNA Kit Status.
  • Give a “Tick Mark in Second Checkbox” and then you can get weekly emails about all of your DNA results.

9. After filling this page click on “Next”

10. In “DNA Processing Consent” you need to give a “Tick Mark in checkbox” and then hit on “Next” But if you don’t want to give a consent then chose “Decline to give consent” that means you won’t activate your dna kit or receive any dna results.

11. Now you’ll be invited to “Participate In Research” page there you have to “Tick the checkbox” and then chose “Give Consent”

12. Now in “Discover New Family Connections” page click on “Yes” then you can receive DNA Matches or you can click on “No” to not getting the matches

13. Then in “Set Display Preferences Page” chose “Next” option

14. Now you will get “Review and Activate” so you can review your information here if everything is perfect then hit on “Activate Kit” option.

This is how to get logged in to Ancestry DNA login uk. If you’ve any queries then do not hesitate to contact us and leave your feedback in the below comment section.

After activating your ancestry dna uk account you may want to know about your ancestry dna results, then read it now.

If you would like to activate ancestry dna kit in canada then click on

From the below frequently asked questions you can get some answers about this but if you have any more queries then check our faq’s now.

1 Q: How To Activate Account?

1 A: We have mentioned them in the above method, so you can follow them from above steps.

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