Ancestry Family Tree Resources

In ancestry family tree there are so many aspects to keep track of with the family trees, For this we’ve compiled the list of articles to know more about it.

Starting and sharing trees

Deleting, merging, and splitting

Missing trees or people

  • You can find the people who are missing from your tree by using Restoring People Missing from a Tree.
  • You can also find a missing family tree by using Missing Family Trees.

Moving, uploading, and downloading trees

  • You also need to know how to transfer a family tree for another account by using the article called Moving Trees Between Accounts.
  • You can also upload or download a tree.
  • You also need to give your family tree to someone else by Transferring Ownership of an Ancestry® Family Tree.

Adding or removing photos

  • You need to add your own photos to your family tree with the uploading photos or documents option in ancestry.
  • Attach the photos to the members of your tree by using the adding profile photos.
  • You need to collect photos from the public family tree with Searching for Photos.

Adding or changing information

  • You can add or delete the information about the different people in your tree by using Managing Facts and Events.
  • You also have to update a person’s gender, birthdate, and other facts with Editing Names, Birthdates, and Living Statuses in a Tree.
  • You can also add people (including siblings, stepfamily, and adoptees) to your tree with Adding People to a Tree.
  • You can change a tree name by using Changing the Name of a Tree option in ancestry.

Fixing tree problems

  • You need to remove photos that you’ve attached with the Detaching or Deleting Photos from Trees.
  • Fix the relationships between the people within your tree with the Fixing Relationships in Trees.
  • You also need to know about how to move Ancestry Hints® to a different person with Ancestry Hints® for the Wrong Person.


You also need to know about how to make your tree public or private with Family Tree Privacy.

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