If you would like to use then you have to follow the below mentioned procedure. But if you’re residing at united kingdom then you have to go with our article called But now we will discuss about ancestry Australia kit.

How to activate Account

To activate your ancestry dna australia account you have to follow the below mentioned steps and it lead you to activate your personal account.

  1. First of all “go to”
  2. Here you have to chose to click on “Sign In” button if you already have an account!
  3. If you no need to create an account you can directly continue from “Step 8″ below
  4. If you do not have account then you have to create a free account now the steps are mentioned below.
  5. To create an account go to “” (it will open a page like below image)
  7. Finally click on “Continue” it automatically create your account.
  8. If you’ve signed in to your account, you have to directly click on “Yes” but if you do not signed in then you have to click “No”.
  9. If you click on “No”, you have to sign in to activate your DNA Kit for that just click on “Next” as shown in below image.
  10. ancestry australia kit
  11. Now you have to see your activation code which exists on your sample tube and on the instruction packet. That code must be entered in the box and click on next. (You can see the image below)
  12. ancestry activation code
  13. You must select a specific option here such as; if you would like to activate the kit for yourself then you must click on your name and then hit on “Next”. But if you would wanna activate for a minor child then chose “My child” and follow simple instructions to for minor child account. If you would like to activate it for any other adults then chose “Someone else” and then follow these steps.
  14. After selecting a specific option as we mentioned above, you have to enter the birth year and Sex at birth. Then click on Next. For more knowledge see the below image.
  15. You have to chose “Review and consent” if you agree with terms and conditions, if you do not agree “Decline to give Consent” and then hit on “Next” (For reference check the below image)
  16. Now the ancestry will ask your consent again to store your sample with it, if you like this deal then you can give your consent by pressing on “i give consent” other wise you can click on “i do not give consent” then finally hit on “Next”. (See the image below)
  17. After that you have to read the “Informed consent” and then you need to click on “I have read the Informed Consent“. You no need worry about participation nor non-participation because they do not effect on your DNA results. So, simply hit on I give consent or I do not give consent. Then select Next.
  18. As we mentioned below image you have to hit on “Yes” then you are able to see your DNA Matches and be listed like a match or “No” for not see or else to be seen by your matches. After that click on “Next”. Here the DNA will match with the people those who are related to your DNA. However if you don’t want to visible for your biological family then click on “No”. But if you want to find or found by a biological family then you need select “Yes”. You have a chance to change this preference at your convenient time. (Check the below image to get clarity)
  19. If you would like your DNA matches to see your name or username then click on name or username respectively. Then click “Next”. However if you would like to chose not to be listed like a DNA Match, then you won’t see this option here. But whenever you allow the others to view your total ethnicity, geographic and the cultural origins, they would be capable of seeing your ethnicity estimate, including Communities.
  20. When you want your DNA matches to be seen all of the regions and also the communities in your ethnicity estimate and chose the top option. But if you want to see these matches only by the other regions and communities which you have in common, then click on the bottom option. After that select “Next”. If you want to chose not to be listed as a DNA match, you won’t see this option. (look at the below image)
  21. Now you will come to kit notification section, actually in this section you have to select “Yes” then you can receive all the text updates about your kit status or else you can select “No” too if you do not want to receive any notifications. How ever you must provide your mobile phone number if you click yes. Finally hit on “Next”.
  22. You have to click on “Yes” when you would like to receive weekly emails which are related to new information and relatives based on your DNA results. But if you do not want this feature you can simply click on “No”. Then click on “Next”.
  23. In next section that means review section, you can review the information which you’ve entered and then click Submit and activate.
  24. Finally, check the status about your DNA kit at anytime simply by clicking on DNA tab at the top of any page on the Ancestry and selecting Your DNA Results Summary.

These are the best steps to ancestry dna australia activate, you can easily do it by these steps. After you have done this method what do you have to do is.

If you would like to activate your canada dna kit then use this link

What’s Next After ancestrydna com au activate

If you followed the above method and you have not done then you need to do is….

  1. Collect your saliva sample and then send it in.
  2. Whenever the laboratory begins its processing of your saliva sample, you will get notification to your registered mail.
  3. You will get the email notification almost up to five weeks from the date you sent your sample.
  4. Finally, you may get your results within 8 weeks of the date when the laboratory receives your sample.

We promise the will definitely help you in many aspects such as from activating a kit to getting results of your DNA and many more.

Troubleshooting For

There are four different issues that will frequently get. Check the answers too from the below lines.

∗ Lost activation code

If you do not know where to find the 15 digit activation code then you have to look both sides of the tube and on your instruction pocket. The code contains alternating letters and also the numbers. Suppose, your code has permanently lost from you and your kit has not been activated then you have to get another ancestry kit. For this you have to proceed with replacement kit

∗ Activation code doesn’t work

  • Check the code has 15 digits or not, it must be 15 digits
  • You have to know from which company have you taken your DNA test
  • The activation code should have alternating letters and numbers.
  • Check whether you entered the alternating letters and numbers or you also entered the middle character. If you entered the iddle character then you must have to remove and enter only the letters and the numbers.
  • For an instance, check that you might have entered number “5” like the letter “s”

∗ Blue solution doesn’t release into the container

You have to loose the cap carefully and then twist it on tightly. You must repeat this process until the blue solution releases.

∗ Lost plastic bag

For this you have to place your tube in the Ziploc bag and then you have to place the bag in a return box.

Ancestry DNA Test Australia Contact Number

If you have doubt how do i contact ancestry australia by phone? then you can use the phone number for ancestry dna australia contact at 1-800-262-3787. If you call to this number this will not ask you any of your personal information. You can also mail to “[email protected]” from Mon-Fri in between 9am-8pm AEST, on Sat 9am-4pm AEST.

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