Assigning Who You Are in Your Ancestry® Tree

Whenever you’ve set yourself as “who you are” in a tree, then you can easily view your relationship to anyone those who are available in the tree from their profile page. The Relationships in your tree are calculated which are based on a data from your tree and of course do not take any DNA Results into an account.

Suppose, if you have more than a single tree, then you shall need to set who you are for each of your tree.

  • First of all in your tree, you can click on the tree name menu which locates in the top-left corner and then select Tree Settings.
  • Now on the right side of a Tree Settings page under the option Who you are in this tree, select choose. But if “who you are” was already set and you would like to change it, then click on change. In order to remove the person marked as “you” without replacing them, click set to none.
  • You have to Start typing your name, and then chose it from the drop-down menu.
  • Finally hit on Select.

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