How To Sign Up With (Canada)

If you would like to use Ancestrydna Activate Canada service then you must need to register with its service by visiting the appropriate website link. In this blog post we are providing canada ancestry services. So you should follow our step by step procedure. So lets get into how to activate kit online. If you also want to know about how accurate are this results? then visit this it has lots of information about accuracy.

How To Signup And Activate Through

Unless until you activate your tests you can not get your results. So don’t skip any step. If you are searching for how to unhide matches on ancestry check this article now.

  • go to “”
  • If you’re new to this site then hit on “Create a free account now” option then you’re invited to “Sign up” page
  • In that “” page you need to enter with all accurate details. (The page shows as below image).

create an account for ancestry

  • You’ve got to “ancestry dna login canada” screen and now you’re one of the members of ancestrydna
  • Now from the collection tube enter “15 digit activation code”
  • Note: Basically, this code will link your sample to you. Of course it is the only thing that can be identified your sample by. So without this code you can not get your results.
  • Now it’s time to “Gathering DNA Samples”
  • Caution: Do NOT eat, drink, smoke or chew gum for 30 minutes before giving your saliva sample.
  • Now you must fill the “tube with saliva” to the black wavy line (it’s almost 1/4 teaspoon, so do not overfill)
  • Then you need to “Replace the funnel with a cap”
  • Note: you need to remove that funnel from the tube. Then Screw on the enclosed cap tightly to release the solution which would stabilize DNA in your saliva.
  • After the above step you need to carefully, “Tighten to release stabilizing fluid”. (You will get to know that it works whenever the blue solution from the cap has been emptied into the tube.)

  • Keep In Mind: You should keep this DNA tube out of the children and you also don’t ingest this stabilizing solution in a tube cap. But unfortunately, your skin, eyes or the mouth come into contact with this solution then immediately wash with water twice or thrice.
  • Now “Shake The Tube Not less than Five Times”
  • Then “Place your tube in the collection bag” (In your DNA Kit you would get the collection bag so keep this sample tube in that bag. Do not forget to seal the bag with adhesive strip.)
  • Finally “Mail In your Sample” (In your prepaid mailing box you need to place your sample. Also seal the box by a adhesive strip and also mail it in.)

Before you activate your ancestry dna kit you have to follow some steps they are mentioned in ancestrydna activate page so visit it now.

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