Copying People From Ancestry Family Trees

In ancestry family trees you have a chance to add people’s public trees to your personal family tree (or else copy the people from one of your trees to another). Actually, the sources and also the media are not included, but they could be added once someone are in your tree. But the only one person could be copied simultaneously. So it’s impossible to copy a living people.

How to copy sources

Whenever a person has been copied to a specific tree, sources and the media are not included; but the only facts about the person’s gender, birth and even the death are copied. When you want to add a source after adding a person then you have to check managing sources in trees.

Merging and splitting trees

On ancestry merging family trees is currently not possible, but there are some strategies which are may be helpful. You can check merging family trees in ancestry and splitting an ancestry family tree.

Copying a whole tree

You have to know about Moving trees between accounts to duplicate a whole tree.

How to copy people

If you want to copy someone else from your ancestry family tree you have to follow the below steps as we mentioned. Read the below steps first, understand them and then implement in your

  1. If you want to copy someone from the tree that you own, so then go to the person’s profile page and then skip to below step 4. But when you’re copying someone from the tree which is someone else own, then you need to go to profile page of the person that you would like to copy, then you need to skip to step 4, or else simply click on the search tab and then select the Public Member Trees to find out the people.
  2. Now enter the full information and then hit on “Search” option.
  3. Now you will get some results, from that search results you need to select a name.
  4. If you want to save a person to your family tree, then you have to click on the tools which locates in the top-right corner and then select “Save to tree” option. To view that person’s family tree, you have to click on Tools >┬áView in Tree.
  5. If you would like to save them to your tree, in the menu which appears, you need to click on the tree menu and then hit on the tree.
  6. If you find that person is already with in your tree and you’re simply adding new information about that person, then type a name from your tree and then you have to select it from the drop-down menu. But if you find that specific people’s are not in your tree, then you have to click +Add a new person.
  7. Then click on Save option.
  8. But when you want to add any of new persons to your family tree, then you can skip this step. If you’re adding someone who is already existed in your tree, there you have to select what kind of information you would like to add and then click on Save to your tree.
  9. But still if that person is already existed in your tree, then you’re done; So then the information you given should be added to your tree. However if they are new to your tree, you have to connect them to rest of your tree. Now from that specific person’s profile page, you need to click on Edit option which is located in the top-right corner and then select Edit Relationships.
  10. From the menu which appears, click to Add [relationship type] to connect that copied person for someone in your tree. For an instance, for adding that copied person like a son or daughter, you have to click on Add Father or Add Mother.
  11. Finally, in the search field which appears, now start typing a name and then select the right one from the drop-down menu. Then hit on Save option.

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