How To Create A Free Ancestry Account?

Would you like to use free account? Then it’s more easier than before. We have mentioned some simple steps to visit the login screen and how to use it to create a free ancestry dna account. So why late make sure to have an internet connection and then follow the below steps now.

Simple Steps To Create Free Ancestry DNA Account

  1. Copy and paste this URL “” in a new tab.
  2. Now you’ve invited to create a new account screen.
  3. So, there you must mention all the details in the provided ancestry boxes such as; first name, last name, email address and password.
  4. ┬á(Note: You should not use any used/under usage email address for ancestry, the mail address should be a new one, but if you do not have it…so make sure to create a new one)
  5. You must enter the valid email address where it asks to “Confirm Email Address” (it means; both email address and confirm email address boxes should filled with same email id they must not be different)
  6. For password you need to create a valid password which must be contain 8 characters including at least one numerical digit, and also at least a letter or a special character (such as @, !, $…)
  7. Now enter the “Same Password” in the “Confirm Password” box which you created above
  8. After you’ve done everything such as creating name, email, password..etc you need to click on “Continue”
  9. That’s all you’ve gotten your ancestry dna free account.

After creating your free ancestry account you need to know about when do you activate your dna test on ancestry?

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