Starting A Gift Membership In Ancestry

About your ancestry gift membership you will get email which is intimating about starting a gift membership in ancestry. From that mail you need to click on the link which has given in that mail and you will be directed to “Enter the access Code” page. So enter your code there and then start your membership.

How To Activate Your Gift Membership

  • First of all you have to open your “Gift Membership Email” which you got from the ancestry.
  • In that mail you can see “Access your gift” or “Access your membership” options so “Click” on any one those options
  • Here you need to click on “Login” from top of the page and then you need to enter your login details.
  • But if you do not have an account you have to fill your details in the given boxes and then click on “Continue”
  • If you already have logged in then you have to enter “Address” and also “Phone Number” and then hit on “Continue”
  • Now you are invited to ancestry welcome page, there you have to chose to click on “Continue”

What Can You Do By Using Your Membership

You can start your ancestry tree with what you know about your family ancestry and then use your membership for learning what you do not know.

Also with this membership you can view the records that you find through searching; different memberships do provide an access to different records.

You can also view the records which are attached to hints in your tree.

What Is The Date Of Activation

Do you enter your access code after few days of receiving the membership mail? Do you think your membership will start from the date of access code entered? No! its regularly starts from the date of purchaser was designated like the start date of the membership is a start date of the membership. So there is no change even if the membership has been activated on a later date. So the date of activation is the only date whenever the recipient receives the notification via email. So you should keep on checking the email.

What If You Do Not Have The Access Code

Sometimes you may not receive your gift membership email, or you might have lost your mail, at that time you can simply contact your gift membership purchaser and they can provide the code if they have; of course the purchaser and also the recipient both can receive the mails with a new access code. Other the purchaser himself/herself can contact the ancestry support team.

What If You Have A Membership Already

If the gift membership has come before your current/previous membership ends. At that situation you have three options. Such as

A) You should cancel your current membership as soon as possible. (suppose it is near the end of membership and even it makes sense to do so);

B) You can set your current ancestry gift membership to end instead of renew and then you can simply activate your gift membership once after it ends;

C) Another chance is to inform your gift membership purchaser that who able to receive a refund.

Make sure that if you’ve chosen the option B then you should note that the gift membership will be end six months or else a year after the start date which has designated by the purchaser, of course not the six months or not a year after the date that it had been activated. When you want to cancel current gift membership immediately then you have to contact the ancestry support team.

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