Hiding AncestryDNA® Matches

Do you want to hide your ancestrydna matches? we have few steps to get hide your matches as easily as we can. Whenever you hide a match and you will still be appear on that specific match’s list unless you have selected the option not to be listed or else they hide you.

Meanwhile you wanna select not to be listed as a match (that means it prevents you from those who are seeing your matches and also your matches from seeing you) for more information read this.

How To Hide Ancestry Dna Matches

If you hide a match then it will make the match disappear for you, but of course you can still appear on that particular match’s list. After hiding your ancestry matches you can also unhide any match which you’ve hidden.

  1. From the list of your DNA Matches, you need to click on the “Name” or “Username” of that specific match that you would like to hide.
  2. Click on the Tools and the chose Hide match
  3. In the main menu that appears, so click on the Hide Match once again

How To Unhide Ancestry Dna Matches

Do not worry, once you hide your matches you can easily unhide it simultaneously you can hide it too if you unhide them.

  • First of all select “Groups” and then chose “Hidden Matches”
  • Now chose the “Name” or else the “Username” of that particular match that you would like to restore
  • Now click on the “Tools” and then chose “Show match”
  • In the main menu that will appear, so click on the “Show Match” once again.

You can check our detailed guide about ancestrydna.com/activate from this link, so once go there and check out the information about ancestry.com.

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