How To Activate Two Ancestry DNA Kits?

Can you activate more than one dna kit on ancestry? The answer to this question is “NO!” why because each adult must have their own account. But if he/she wants to activate a kit for the sake of their kids then they can activate two ancestry accounts.

However, A major person who wants to take the test that person should register with the and follow the procedure to take test as per the ancestry regulations. So, on an average only one account can be activated on each registered account. But if an adult who has their own account can have a chance to invite someone else who is an adult. Also they can create and activate an account for a minor child. You can see those articles for more information.

Basically, ancestry bans activation of multiple dna kits on a single account so its better to not try to activate more than a kit. So that you can not activate two ancestry accounts on a same mail id or username. But you can check the above mentioned link when you want to know the answer to “How to activate two ancestry dna kit for someone else? and How to activate two ancestry dna kit for child?”.

If you’re a major/adult then you can activate two ancestry dna kit for parent at this post we have given all the information about how to activate two ancestry dna kit and can we do it or not all the information you can read there, so we recommend you to read total article and use their all the required links also to know more about this ancestry query.

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