How To Return Ancestry DNA Kit For Refund

Are you searching for how to get ancestry refund? then here is the tutorial on it. Actually we are going to explain you about how to return your ancestry dna kit for getting refund your amount. So let us begin the process now.

Usually, the refund process which has given below can applied on purchases made from ancestry and from walmart only.

If you are going to return your ancestry for refund request, then you must have to follow the below directions. But if you’re returning your saliva sample for being processed, mail it back in a return mailer which has already been included in your kit, or else you can contact to ancestry refund number 1-800-958-9124 for a particular replacement mailer.

Definitely Ancestry will refund your money, but when you follow the below mentioned instructions such as: You have to follow the below steps to print out the prepaid shipping label and also return the kit via the United States Postal Service (USPS). After you’ve done this step then the ancestry team will receive the kit and they will initiate the ancestry refund dna kit process.

However the processing of ancestry refund times are vary, which depends upon your date of purchase and also the type of payment you used to pay the money.

Printing The Label

  1. You need to enter your return address first by using this link “” (just copy and pate it in a new tab)
  2. You have to select the print label to get print out your label. But if you want to have the label emailed to your email then chose “Email”.
  3. If you would like to select email, then mention your email address there.
  4. Now print your label and then tape it over an existing shipping label.
  5. Finally, drop your kit in U.S. mail. For this no postage is required.

If You Do Not Have A Printer

You must email your label to yourself by using the above mentioned steps and then print it at a location which convenient for you. But if you would like to solve any of your queries then you have to contact ancestry team

How Long Does Ancestry Refund Take?

We can not say the exact time the funds will be deposited in your account, but it always depends upon your original payment method since the refunds were issued to same source of your payment. However your bank may take anywhere from minimum 10 days to 1 month for finalizing your payment. This is how ancestry refund period works.

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