How To Get Ancestry DNA Results ?

How do i get my ancestry dna results? or how to locate ancestry dna results? for that First of all we need to go to ancestry dna results login panel. For that we should follow the below steps. So let’s get started.


  • Firstly you need to visit “” to sign in (If you do not know about sign up or sign in then check these steps)
  • After visit the ancestry website by using the above URL, you need to enter your details in that ancestry dna results login panel.
  • But sometimes your kit might be still under process, during that period you’ll see the bar which is displaying its current status. To get an idea check the below image.

Ancestry DNA Kit Status

  • Status 1: “Kit Activated” this status bar states that you’ve successfully activated your dna kit – Normally, it means you’ve linked your ancestry dna kit to your ancestry account.
  • Status 2: “Kit Received” This means the officials of ancestry community have recieved your kit and they will begin processing your sample as soon as possible.
  • Status 3: “Sample Processing” Your sample processing has been started
  • Status 4: DNA extracted” In this step your DNA has to be separated from your saliva.
  • Status 5: “DNA analyzed” At this status they will examine 7lakh markers in your DNA to compare those markers with the dna of people on the reference panel.
  • Status 6: Results ready” This is the final status and it means your results has been ready to view.
  • After your results are ready, then you can access to view your “DNA Story”,”DNA Matches”, and “ThruLines™.”


Actually, the US customers only can get the ancestryhealth, wellness information, and traits. So make sure this.

  • First of all visit “” and there you need to sign in or sign up if you’re a new one.
  • On your health dashboard you can see a bar if your kit is in still process. The bar actually shows its current status. Like we mentioned below.
  • Status 1: “Kit Activated” this status bar states that you’ve successfully activated your dna kit – Normally, it means you’ve linked your ancestry dna kit to your ancestry account.
  • Status 2: “DNA Sample Received” If you see the tick mark at this status bar that means the officials has received your sample and they will start processing it soon.
  • Status 3: “Sample Processing” Your saliva sample is begin to be analyzed
  • Status 4: Extracting DNA” At this step they will start to separate your DNA from your sample saliva
  • Status 5: Analyzing DNA”┬á This status bar indicates that the officials are examining your genome for DNA differences which are linked to specific health conditions and also aspects of your wellness.
  • Status 6: Health results ready this status bar states that your test has been completed and by physician partners also it has been approved and now your results must be ready for you to view.
  • After your health results are ready, you need to click a health or wellness category and it shows you reports detailing your results. Actually, your results for each condition have been listed within the specified corresponding report.
  • Sometimes there is a lock symbol over your health results at that time you are recommend to watch a video to learn what your results could mean regarding of your health.
  • So, after watching the video, you have to Check the box confirming you watched the video and then you have to click on Continue. That’s all now you must be able to view your health results.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) On How To Get Ancestrydna Results

1. How Long Does It Take To Get Ancestrydna Results?

A: Almost 6 to 8 Weeks from the time when ancestry lab receives your DNA sample.

2. How To Delete Ancestry DNA Results ?

A: You have to check this article.

3. How To Share Ancestry DNA Results?

A: Click here to know more about share your ancestry dna results.

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