How To Activate Ancestry DNA Kit For Minor Child?

Do you wanna know How To Activate Ancestry DNA Kit For your minor Child? Now you can by visiting If you don’t know what to do after visiting that specific URL, then check out below step by step procedure.

Normally, the ancestry dna for child activated by taking the consent either of their parents or guardian and they will be the responsible for that particular child/minor’s actions and of course they’re agree to have consented to use all type of that particular minor’s information by ancestry.

So, by submitting minor’s DNA sample, then you’ve represented that you’re the minor’s parent or a legal guardian. But if you are a canada citizen and would you like to activate a kit then you have to follow kit from here.

Steps To Activate Ancestry DNA For Child

If you have a doubt “can i do ancestry DNA for my child?” then here is the solution. If your child is 18 years old then he/she must activate their own kit with their personal account otherwise their parents or legal guardians can activate their minor child’s kit. You can easily activate ancestry dna for your child by following the below step by step procedure.

Step 1: Visit “” and then click on “Sign In” option

Step 2: In this step you have to enter your “Email or Username” and then “Password” then click on “Sign In” login screen

Step 3: If you’re already signed in to your personal account, then you have to hit on “Yes“, but if you’re not signed in then you should click on “No”. But after you said no, you must be sign in to activate your ancestrydna kit. After that click on “Next”.

Ancestry sign in

Step 4: After the above step you have to enter your “Child’s activation code” and then chose to hit on “Next“. You can find the ancestry activation code printed on their tube and also instruction packet. But you should not enter hyphens.

ancestry activation code

Step 5: In the next step you have to select “My Child” and then click on “Next” (You can see the picture below).


Step 6: Either if you’re a parent (check the article how to activate ancestry dna kit for parent) or a legal guardian whoever you’re may be but you must select “Yes” here. After that, hit on “Next”. As per ancestry instructions the DNA kits for minor child’s should be activated by their parents or by their legal guardian.

Step 7: After the above step you have to mention your “Child’s Name“, “Birth Year” and also select “Assigned Sex At Birth“. Finally hit on “Next“.

About your child

Step 8: Now you must have to read “DNA Processing Consent” , after that you have to chose “Review and Consent“. After that select “Next“. When you select “Decline to give consent” you’re unable to activate your child’s kit.

Give consent

Step 9: With ancestry you can save your child’s sample, if you want to store you can click on “I give consent“. But when you do not want it to store you can click on “I do not give consent“. Then hit on “Next
Ancestry sample storage

Step 10: If you want to see your child’s DNA matches click on “Yes”, if not click on “No” and then hit on “Next“. Of course if you do enable the matches, and then you can be see any other members of ancestry those who share DNA with your child, and they will be capable of seeing that your child matches with them. You can also change this particular preference as per your wish. The DNA matches unable to view the child’s age, and by default, they can see the child’s initials, but not their name.
Ancestry DNA Matches

Step 11: Now you have to select whether the matches would be seen all the regions in your child’s ethnicity estimate or else only some regions which they share with the child. Then click on “Next“. If you select the top option, that means matches would be capable to see the child’s complete ethnicity estimate, it also includes communities. So, you are only the person to see this specific option if you have listed the child like a match.
Ethinicity estimate display

Step 12: Now you are arrived to kit notification page, there you have to click on “Yes” to get text updates about your kit status or else click on “No” if you do not want it. But when you click “Yes” you will need to enter your mobile number and then hit on “Next“.
Ancestry kit notifications

Step 13: If you would be interested in getting weekly emails about the new information and about the relatives based upon your child’s DNA result’s then you need to hit on “Yes“. But you to opt out of the update emails, then hit on “No” after that click on “Next
ancestry weekly emails

Step 14: In your next step you have to review your information and then hit on “Submit and activate“.

Ancestry sbmit and activate

Step 15: If you would like to check about your DNA kit status, then you have to click on DNA tab at any of your top of the ancestry page.

With the above mentioned procedure you can do ancestry dna for your child/baby. So simply follow the above steps as we mentioned.

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