How To Replace An Ancestry DNA Kit

When Can We Request For A Free Replacement AncestryDNA Or AncestryHealth Kit

By the below mentioned circumstances only a free replacement DNA kits can be provided. So check them once.

  1. When you’ve received a kit which has been damaged.
  2. Whenever your kit does not arrive within 15 business days of the date from your order (or even within 5 business days, for an expedited shipping).
  3. While the ancestry official community members does not receive your saliva sample within 20 business days (you actually will get an email whenever they receive your saliva sample)
  4. When your saliva sample is confirmed as unusable at the time of processing (for this you’ll get a detailed information to your mail from US)
  5. Lost of activation code before a kit has been activated.

How To Replace A Kit You Activated

Sometimes the ancestry’s laboratory is unable to continue the procedure with your sample, so at that time they will send you a free replacement kit. But at this situation, you should need to register again to activate your new kit.

Actually, the ancestry service center will send you a mail when your sample couldn’t be processed, so in order to request a free replacement kit you need to follow the directions as per they sent to your registered mail.

1.First of all, after opening your registered mail they’ll ask you to “Resubmit Your DNA Sample” and there you’ve to click “Confirm your free kit”

2. Now you’re redirected to the ancestry login page, so there you need to “Sign in” with your login details.

3. Then from your Ancestry DNA Homepage you have to click on “Request a free Replacement Kit”

Note: Sometimes, you might see an ad on your DNA Homepage instead of request a replacement kit option. During that you have to sign in to your ancestry account and from there you have to go back to your DNA Home Page)

4. Finally you have to click on Send DNA Kit to This Address” but before this you must double check your shipping address you entered was correct.

5. Check your email inbox received a confirmation email about replacement DNA Kit. So, within 15 business days you will receive your replacement kit (or it might be 5 days, for the kits originally ordered with an expedited shipping).

So, after return of your sample, your results will be ready within 8 weeks since the date they’ve recorded receiving your sample.

Replacing A Kit That Hasn’t Been Activated

When you did not receive your kit into your mail, your kit that arrived has been damaged, or else you’ve lost your activation code then you need to request to a free replacement kit.  After your request has been accepted your replacement kit will be sent you within 15 business days (or it might take 5 days, for kits originally ordered with expedited shipping).

So, after your return your sample and also your results would be ready within 8 weeks of the date that they recorded as receiving your sample.

The Best Tips For Collecting A Successful Saliva Sample

  • Before 30 minutes you will be providing your saliva sample make sure Don’t eat, drink, smoke, or chew gum.
  • In order to get more saliva you have to rub your checks from outside and also press them against your teeth, then you can easily produce more saliva.
  • You might feel hard to produce your saliva 1/4 teaspoon of white table sugar on your tongue.
  • If you can not able to produce enough saliva within a try, then refrigerate your tube in a upright position between the attempts. You can refrigerate your saliva sample for the a particular duration mostly up to 1 week before it needs to add the blue solution in a saliva tube to it.
  • If you do wear the dentures, so leave them in a while producing and also submitting your saliva.
  • Make sure do not overfill your saliva sample.
  • You should fill with liquid only (not with bubbles) which fills the tube up to the line. Suppose, if the bubbles are present, they must begin at the line and extend above it.

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