How Do I Reset My Forgotten Password On Ancestry?

How Do I Reset My Forgotten Password On

If you wanna recover your ancestry account by getting back your forgotten password then you need to follow the below mentioned steps. So follow them one by one carefully.

  • Visit “”
  • Then click on “Login” from top corner screen
  • From there you will be taken to “ancestry reset password screen”
  • So, click on “Forgot Password?” from the screen
  • Then you need to enter your “Email Address” here and then hit on “Continue”
  • After few seconds you will get an email which contains “ancestry password reset code (which you need to enter)”
  • So “open your email” in a “New Tab” or “New Browser” (But do not close the ancestry window)

Note: If you do not remember your email then contact us through this telephone number

  • If you didn’t get any code then click on “Resend Code” from the ancestry tab and then check your email inbox or spam folder again. But again you didn’t get the email then repeat this procedure from the first step.
  • Now go to “ancestry reset password/code page” and there enter your “Code which you get it from mail” and then hit “Continue”
  • Now from here you can enter your new password in boxes “New Password” and “Confirm New Password” and then hit on “Continue”

Note: Make sure your new password should contain 8-100 characters long and also your password must contain (at least 1 number and also at least 1 letter or else a special character)

  • Now you can go to ancestry dna login page by click on “Sign in” and then click on “Continue”
  • So there you need to enter your “Email Address” and your “New Password” and finally hit on “Sign in” Account Password Resetting Issues Troubleshooting

1.New password doesn’t work: If you already have reset your password and that new password is not working then you must need to clear your cache and cookies from your browser and then try once.

2.Forgotten username: You can use your email address instead of your forgotten username then it works well.

3.Page or button doesn’t work: If your account is troubleshooting this issue then you need to clear all of your browser cache and cookies. Then you can try to sign in again.

4.Can’t access email: When your email which has been associated with the ancestry account does not have access then you must contact to ancestry dna activate officials then they can help you to rest your password.

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