Searching Public Family Trees In Ancestry

Till now people have been created over 100 million family trees on the Ancestry, most of them which are public only. Since the member trees are not checked for their accuracy, they’re only as an accurate as tree owners make them. You can check the below steps for more details.

  • From any of your ancestry page, you can click on search option and then select Public Member Trees option.
  • Enter accurate information about someone that you would like to find and tap on search.
  • Then from the list of those search results, you have to click on a name to learn more about it. In order to see all the trees which are containing that person, so click on view all.(View all appears only if the person is┬áin more than one tree. After clicking View all, click a name to see a specific version of that person.)
  • If you would like to see a whole tree or want to save someone to your ancestry family tree, you have to click on tools in the top-right corner and then select View in Tree or Save to Tree.
  • In order to contact a tree owner, you need to click on their username at the top of a tree or profile page. After that, you can click on message.
  • To go back to your search results, you have to click on the back arrow in your browser until you see the list of family trees again or else go to your search history.

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