How Do I Activate My Ancestry DNA Kit For Someone Else ?

Do you wanna know about how to activate ancestry dna kit for parent or for someone else? then you just have to read this article and follow the below steps to activate ancestry dna kit. So lets get started. If you’re an adult then you should need your own account and you must activate your own kits as an adult.

How To Send Invitation To For Someone Else?

If you need your Ancestry DNA activate kit for someone else then you need to follow the below simple steps. So check them now.

  • First of all you need to visit login screen by visiting “”
  • There you need to hit on “Sign In” and then “Enter your login details”
  • If you have signed in to your personal account then hit on “Continue as name”.
  • If you’re signed in to Ancestry DNA activate kit for someone else then you need to click on “Sign in to activate your DNA kit” and then “sign in to your own account”
  • Now you’ll reached to “Enter Code Page”, there you have to click on Activating a kit for another adult?”
  • You’ve come to the Help Another Adult Activate page there you need to enter test taker’s email address and then hit on “Send Activation Invitation”.
  • Note: Do not enter your personal email address here, you should enter the test takers email address.
  • Then the recipient will take an “email invitation” for the sake of activating their test.

Now the procedure begins on the recipient side.

  • The recipient should click on “Sign up” for creating their own ancestry DNA account by visiting the link in their email.
  • If they already have their own ancestry account then they just need to hit on “Sign In” option there they can enter their “Username” and “Password” to get signed in.

Track your ancestry dna kit by using these simple steps. Did you forgot your ancestry password then go and read our article about ancestry password reset


  • Recipient Doesn’t Receive Email:

If you’ve invited a new person to activate their own DNA kit and they couldn’t receive the invitation email from you then you need to either resend the invitation mail or say them to visit For more info about creating an account click here.

  • Shared Email Account:

The shared email account can be usable only for one person either by yourself or by the person you’re inviting and the remaining person should create their own account. Before creating their own ancestry dna account they should create their email address. They can use that email address to create their new ancestry account.

If you want to create a canada account then once visit this website via to activate your kit.

Why All The Adults Should Activate Their Own Kits?

The person (Must be adult) who provides their sample for a test then that specific person (if he/she is adult) should activate their test on their own account. But there is some exceptions for those are under the age of 18 and incapacitated adults for the sake of whom someone else holds the power of attorney.

As per the ancestry terms and conditions and privacy policy every adult those who would like to activate their dna kit should create their own account. But the adults those who would like to manage their test then they can invite their aspirants to manage their ancestry DNA account.

Sometimes, an adult would like to hold the power of attorney for the sake of another adult might be created an ancestry account on behalf of that adult, activate the test on that specific account, and also manage the test from either of that account.

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