How To Track Ancestry DNA Kit?

You can track ancestry dna kit from your email address, by simply clicking on the tracking information link, actually they will send you this link when shipment has started. Of course there is another option also available to track your information from your DNA Homepage.

Normally, every ancestry dna kits shipment is happened with standard shipping which are sent through the UPS and they dropped your order at your local post office, so after that your local post office will deliver your kit to your shipping address. Actually, the shipment and delivery is made by the UPS.

How Do I Track My Ancestry DNA Kit?

  • If you’re not sign in to your free account then we recommend you to login first by simply click on ancestry dna login from the top-right corner.
  • Now you’re visited to your ancestry profile, so from the homepage you have to click on UPS tracking number. But that link might not work sometimes, at that situations you have to copy that tracking number and then paste that code into ups tracking page’s left side tracking field.
  • Now you can view the details of track ancestry dna kit order from the

How To Track My Ancestry DNA Kit From The Tracking Mail

  • You must be wait for the confirmation mail which tells your kit has been shipped. Normally, this mail will come within two days from your date of purchase.
  • After you receive the confirmation mail you have to click on the link, so from that link you can view the status of your order on UPS tracking page.
  • Now you can view the all the details about track ancestry dna kit order from the

If you are the user of and would you wanna contact ancestry then follow instructions from how to contact article.


1) “You Are Not Authorized to Access This Page” Error

A: If you have received an email which is informing you about your results are in and you’ve reached at a page which said “you’re not authorized to access this page” when you clicked on the mail you received to your registered mail address, at that time you have to log out of that specific ancestry account that you are logged in. Again you have to log in to your account and then hit on a DNA tab in a navigation bar at your top of the page.

2) Ad on DNA Homepage

A: Sometimes you may have noticed some irrelevant ads on DNA homepage, if you see the ad on your dna homepage rather than the status bar or else your results, then make sure that you’re log in to your account and also you’ve activated your kit, if you did not activate your kit till now you can do it from here for free.

FAQ’s Of Track Ancestry DNA Kit Order

Q: How Long Does Ancestry DNA Kit Take To Ship?

A: Within 10 business days your Ancestry DNA kit will be delivered.

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