Unable to Merge Family Trees

Merging family trees in ancestry is impossible now, but here our topic that we are going to mention below may be make it easier for combining the information. If you would like to merge the duplicate people together, then you have to check out our article about merging duplicate people in ancestry.

Uploading trees to Ancestry

For an instance if you own a family tree on another website (or else in the genealogy software) which you would like to upload to the ancestry, then its simple to upload if you use upload it in the form of a GEDCOM (Genealogical Data Communication) file. Finally, once you have the tree on your personal account, then you can select your larger tree as the starting point and also enter the information from your smaller tree manually or else by copying people one by one from the small tree to the larger tree.

Copying people from trees

If you would like to copy a person from one tree to another, you can click the tools which locates on the profile page of a person that you want to copy and also select + Save to Tree.

Of course here only one person can be copied simultaneously. However this method can be used both between two trees in the same account and also between a tree found in search results and also a tree in your account. The living people and also the people in private trees are only be copied from trees on your own account.

Merging duplicate people

Suppose, if your tree consists of duplicates, then you can try merging duplicate people together. Whenever you merge any two people, you have to keep the information from both the people and select which information to keep when the facts conflict.

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