When Do I Activate My DNA Test On Ancestry?

Do you know when to activate your dna test on ancestry? after activating your kit with ancestrydna.com/activate you will be capable of doing anything with ancestry. Follow the below mentioned steps before you activate it.

Actually, to activate your DNA kit you must be reach some criteria such as; you must have an ancestry account (it is free to create), you must have an email address, make sure that address shouldn’t associated with existing ancestry account, you have to have the ancestry code. The full details are mentioned below.

When Do I Activate My DNA Test On Ancestry?

Before you activate your ancestrydna kit you have to make sure to proceed as per the below mentioned aspects.

  • Actually, the meaning to activation of your DNA kit is connecting your kit to your personal ancestry account. In case you do not own an ancestry account, you can get a free account by following simple steps.
  • When you receive your activation code, you must keep that code with you until you will receive your proper ancestry test results (do you know how to get ancestry dna results?). If you lost it before the test results then ancestry team can not begin to processing the DNA sample until your kit is activated.
  • However there is another method to activate ancestry dna kit for a baby child, we have given the steps for how to activate ancestry dna kit for child/baby.
  • But if you’re an adult (above 18years of age) then you must activate your own kit with your own account. On one particular account only one adult may activate a kit but there is an exception to the tests of minor child. Al though if you would like to invite some other adults for activating their kit, you have to follow ancestry dna activate kit for someone else.
  • Now it is simple to create an ancestry dna account, you just have an email address. But if you do not own your personal email address or else if your email address has already been associated with another ancestry account, then you must create an another new email address. After that you can activate your ancestrydna.com/activate account.

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